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Welcome to your Resource for Teddy Bears

 Our site is full of teddy bear fun and information. If you want to know anything about teddy bears and stuffed animals, let teddybears.org be the place you come to first.  Find pictures of all shapes, sizes and colors of teddy bears on our Picture page.  You can even find pictures and information on all sorts of other animals, too.  We hope you enjoy your stay and come back often.  If you have any ideas for improvements or teddy bear resources we can add to this site, please let us know.

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Just click on one of the images above and you will be taken to the page that includes the Featured Coloring Page (27 teddy bear coloring pages to choose from and more coming soon),

Check out our Teddy Bear Treats
(10 yummy teddy bear treats to choose from), Teddy Bear Songs (29 teddy bear songs to choose from and we are always looking for more), or More Animals (49 animals to choose from with more to come) shown above.

If you like teddy bears and stuffed animals, you have come to the right place. Want to know the history of the teddy bear? OK, go to our history page and you will find out how and when teddy bears were first made.

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