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Paw Teddy Bear Ears:
Staple two strips of brown paper together to make a head band. Give the children two medium size circles for the ears Cut about 1/4 of the bottom of the circles off straight across. Glue the shapes with the straight end on the headband. Glue a light brown shape (same as above) in the inset of each ear. Staple headband to fit child's head.

Paw Mr. Bear Are You Sleeping?:
One child is the bear and they go a short distance away from the larger group. This child lays down or sits down and closes their eyes and pretends to be asleep. The large group holds hands and says quietly "Mr. Bear are you Sleeping" The bear continues to sleep. The large group gets a little closer and asks the question again softly. This continues until the large group gets up to the sleeping bear. When they are real close they ask the question very loudly. "MR. BEAR ARE YOU SLEEPING?" The bear then roars and tries to grab the children who woke him from his sleep and the children run away screaming in excitement. The children then take turns being the bear.

Paw Bears in a cave:
Fold a paper plate in half. Cut 2 slits in the middle so you can lift up a "flap", which will show you a bear inside. For the bear, cut a piece of fur and glue inside the flap. Let children color their cave and write the caption "Quiet, Bear sleeping!" You may want to staple the edges together.

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