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Paw Concentration:
Find the matching pictures.

Paw Memory:
Test your memory.

Paw Battleship:
Find and destroy the battle ships.

Paw Dots and Boxes:
You and the computer take turns to fill in an untaken line between two dots. If you complete a square, you own it, and make another line. The object of the game is to own the most squares when the grid is completed. Written by Jim Cook, May 2002.

Paw Find It:
Find the differences between the two images as quickly as you can.

Paw Kids:
Some very interesting things you can learn from your kids. And you thought you knew it all...

Paw Match:
Turn the squares and find the matching pictures. yep, another matching game but a different one...

Paw Mindbender:
A little mindbending game that will leave you speechless.

Paw Pac Man:
A little game of Pac Man. use the arrow keys to move around the board.

Paw A toddler's diet plan:
Wanna be thin as a toddler... here is their secret.

Paw Bowling:
Why go to a bowling alley when you can play the game at home?

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