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Paw Build a Bear:
Draw 3 different sizes of circles--large, medium and small--on brown paper. Depending on skill level of children, cut the circles yourselves or allow children to cut them. Glue the circles to a larger piece of paper, large on bottom, then medium on top. Use 2 small circles for ears, 2 for arms and 2 for legs. This is a great activity for cutting/scissor skills, following directions, sequencing large, medium, small.

Paw Make a Brown Bear:
We have the kids paint bear shapes with watered down glue and then sprinkle coffee grounds on the bears. They smell great and the kids love the texture!

Paw Another Brown Bear:
Use a teddy bear shaped sponge and sponge on brown paint or glue. Sprinkle on brown colored sand. (Mix sand with powdered tempera). Shake off excess. Beary cute!

Paw 5 Little Bears (finger play):
5 little bears were dancing on the floor one fell down and that left 4.
4 little bears climbed up a tree, one found a bee hive that left 3.
3 little bears were wondering what to do, one chased a bunny rabbit that left 2.
2 little bears were looking for some fun, one took a swim that left 1.
1 little bear sitting all alone he looked all around then ran home.

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