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Paw Teddy Bear Faces:
Supplies: Cardboard, Wiggle Eyes or Large Sequins Scrap Fur Fabric, Glue. Each child had a teddy bear head cardboard cutout - circle with two circular ear shapes in appropriate place. They had to glue on nose and mouth shapes and eyes. We used wiggle eyes but large sequins would also make interesting eyes. We also had scraps of fluffy fabric for them to glue on the ears. Then they'd cut out strips of paper from magazines and glue them to hang around the bottom half of the teddy. We attached thread to the top so they could hang up like a mobile.

Paw Teddy Plates:
1 small paper plate,1 large paper plate, brown construction paper, glue or tape or stapler (whatever works for you and your kids), markers or crayons Overlap small plate and lg plate (sm plate will be on top for the bears head/ lg plate on bottom for the bears body). Glue them together. Cut 6 circles out of const. paper. 2 for the ears, 2 for the hands and 2 for the feet...Glue them in place. I let my kids draw their own eyes, nose, mouth...however they want to decorate the bear is great!

Paw More creative activities:
Make headbands with Pooh ears out of yellow construction paper or poster board.

Print yellow and red paint Winnie the Pooh prints on brown bee hive shaped paper. You can cut sponges into a simple bear can cut miniature bees from the scraps of sponge and print with bee shapes, too.

"Blustery day" blow paintings have children eyedrop blobs of paint on the paper and blow on them with straws 16) "Tut, tut, it looks like rain!" water colors on rain cloud shapes which have been rained on (water sprayed from spray bottle)

Glue sandpaper to tag board and then cut out bear shapes. Give the children cinnamon sticks and let them rub the sticks on the sandpaper. The bears will smell like cinnamon!

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